goodhYOUman. makes me feel good. Wearing the clothes, and learning about the company will make you feel the same!

I met Brett Novek at the Project apparel show in Vegas this August. He started “goodhYOUman.” in memory of his dad, and sheds light on influential stories of people everywhere. Submit your story and it could be shared directly on the apparel. No seriously though, this guy prints REAL LIFE wearable pieces. Why didn’t I think of that!?

It gets better… every month, 100% of the net profits support the cause that is being sponsored. EVERY MONTH there is a new tag, a new cause, and a new sponsor. What a way to make a difference, and LOOK rad doing so. 

The graphic tees are to die for, and don’t get me started on the "LOVE" cuffs. The palette is one you can get away with living in, and layering with, until you’ve worn it to shreds. The soft blend is so rich, it’s amazing that it’s as affordable as it is! The poetic ideas printed on simple tees will make you consider just getting it tattooed instead. 

Can you tell I adore this company? THE GOOD NEWS IS… we’re expecting our order of goodhYOUman. at Bonnie & Clyde ANY day now. So keep checking back. OH, and please be sure to like goodhYOUman. on facebook to be inspired on the reg. 

Make it a great day! (it’s Friday after all)


Sorry for the short siesta! My plans to blog from Vegas were shadowed by my crazy schedule of buying, seminaring, drinking, dancing, buying, shopping, swimming and buying…

My time at WWD MAGIC, Project, & ENK were fulllllll of the eff word.

FALL. It’s kinda basically here already. It’s the END of August, and I’ve never been more excited. Bring on the combat boots, gimme some layering pieces, and absolutely match my handbag and polish with rich jewel tones! Oh, and need I mention there are only a few weeks left of baseball? I get my man back just in time to celebrate my birthday!

Back to handbags. I eat up bold statement staples. Staples typically coincide with neutrals, but that rule is about as ancient as black and brown clashing. Jewel toned bags are a beautiful way to stand out and be excited about getting from point A to point B carrying all of your essentials. Love the bags? Click the images to for purchase deets! 

P.S. I LOVE the Kate Spade in “emerald”, but I can afford this Steve Madden in “cilantro”! Excuse me while I order it. 


Can’t wait to see what’s fresh for fall!

Every February and August I attend MAGIC and PROJECT apparel shows to purchase inventory for Bonnie & Clyde.

The only thing between Vegas and I, is 48 hours. I have a fully booked 12 hour day tomorrow, followed by two on-site weddings and a pedi on Saturday.

Be sure to stay tuned and follow YourStylistAJ on instagram and facebook for trend updates from the busiest apparel show in the country.