Instagram is one of those silly little apps I just can’t get enough of. It’s a fast way to share a glimpse into my life, and makes me feel a little Emilia Jane-ish. No, instagram does NOT make us professional photographers, but it definitely adds a different element to photo capturing for us amateurs. 


  • Instead of taking photos directly in the Instagram app, take them on your camera’s photo app first, where you have more control over focus, zoom and contrast, THEN import the photo into Instagram to add filters etc. 
  • Hashtags can help to categorize your images, and help others discover them… BUT there is such a thing as #toomuch, and you don’t want to drown an image in unrelated hashtags
  • Babies and puppies. In the words of my hilarious client, “A picture’s worth a thousand words, so we don’t need a thousand pictures of the same subject” …even if it’s your favorite subject
  • Document your life and show off your special moments by posting pictures you’re proud of, and your followers will “like” them too ;)
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Have a fab Sunday!